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"China Merchants CHN-BLR Commercial and Logistic Company" CJSC is the owner of one of the largest customs terminals on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and is located in the Great Stone Sino-Belorussian Industrial Park.

Warehouses are equipped with all necessary equipment for the provision of services. The complete safety of your goods is guaranteed. Our employees create the most comfortable conditions for customers. We provide prompt resolution of issues in direct contact with the customs officials (customs control, consideration of written applications, submission of documents, etc.).

There is a phytosanitary post and the Great Stone phytosanitary laboratory on the territory of the customs terminal. They provide complex of measures, which is taken upon receipt of imported regulated products, products arrived from the EAEU countries, as well as upon shipment for re-export, with the issuance of the following documents on the spot:

  1. Conclusion on the quarantine phytosanitary condition of regulated products.
  2. The Act on quarantine phytosanitary measures.
  3. Quarantine Phytosanitary Control Act.
  4. Re-export phytosanitary certificate.

Convenient access roads to the terminal have been constructed from the M1 Brest-Moscow Highway. Minsk National Airport is located in close proximity. The construction of railways is underway.

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The advantages of our storage facilities (class A) are:

  • loading ramps, which are equipped with adjustable electro-hydraulic loading bridges - dock levelers;
  • reinforced concrete ramps for entry into the warehouse of both large-capacity and small-capacity vehicles, as well as special lifting equipment for loading - unloading oversized / heavy loads;
  • high ceilings allow complex manipulations with the goods inside the warehouse;
  • smooth concrete floor with anti-dust coating, with a load of at least 5 tons / sq.;
  • multi-level shelving equipment;
  • adjustable temperature;
  • ventilation system;
  • cold store with a temperature regime of +2 - +8 degrees;
  • video surveillance system;
  • access control system;
  • fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing system.