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Customs warehouse

Customs warehouse CW-0601/0000328 is today the most modern warehouse facility in the Republic of Belarus, where goods can be placed under the customs procedure of the customs warehouse. The customs warehouse is located inside the Great Stone CCZ and is directly adjacent to the warehouses of temporary and responsible storage.

A distinctive feature of our customs warehouse is the presence of 17 cargo docks and a total area of more than 6 181,7 sq. m. The warehouse is fully heated. Each corner of the warehouse complex is viewed by one of the 160 CCTV cameras. A modern fire extinguishing system, an ideal floor and the high precision electrical equipment guarantees the safety and purity of your product. The open area of the customs warehouse with an area of 5,367.5 sq.m. is equipped with 10 CCTV cameras

The insignificant distance from the National Airport allows our customers to declare the customs procedure of the customs warehouse and move goods to us without significant costs.

Преимущества СВХ Великий Камень

We provide the following services

  • placement of goods under the customs procedure of the customs warehouse
  • storage of goods in a warehouse with constantly controlled temperature and humidity
  • marking of goods with control (identification) marks and excise stamps
  • sorting of goods and preparing for subsequent transportation
  • wide range of cargo handling
  • weighing goods and vehicles
  • unloading bulky goods directly in the premises of a heated warehouse
  • storage of containers and bulky goods in a concrete open area
  • storage of goods in a refrigerator with a temperature regime of +2 - + 8 ° С, with the permission of the customs authorities

Reference information

  1. Terminal has been entered into the register of vehicle owners since 2018
  2. Registry Number is CW-0601/0000328
  3. DCCP (Departmental Customs Clearance Point) 06651 The Great Stone
  4. Department of Customs Operations and Control No. 4
  5. Hours of DCCP, TSW and CW — daily from 9.00 to 21.00
  6. Total CW area — 11 549,2 sq.m.
  7. The number of unloading docks — 17
  8. Floor and shelf storage
  9. Open area of the CW - 5 367,5 sq.m.